What is Vortex?


Vortex is the first surfing app that combines your personal preferences and previous surfing experiences with the current conditions to give you an accurate prediction of when and where to surf.

  • Compare surf logs for accurate predictions
  • Add alerts to let you know when the surf is good

Vortex strives to provide a surf report like no other based on the values of:

  • Accuracy – collates forecasting data from multiple sources to provide users/surfers with access to tailored and ACCURATE surf forecasting data.
  • Share – provides a unique platform for users to SHARE surf conditions, locations and experiences with their friends.
  • Compare – allows users to log their own personal surf experiences by conditions and location to COMPARE and predict ideal conditions.
  • Optimise – offers users a surf report customised to each individual’s preferences to OPTMISE each and every surf experience








Download Vortex


Check out swell and wind data, significant wave height and predicted wave height based on your own experiences.

Log your surf.

Record your sessions by filling in the wave quality, swell type, rating, and adding photos and notes.

Set up alerts.

Set up alerts for a location so you’ll always know when the conditions are best.

Compare location logs.

The forecast conditions are displayed alongside your log for easy comparison.